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Keckermann, Bathomaeus (1571-1609)

Batholomaeus Keckermann on the Death of Christ

Bartholomaus Keckermann on the Definition of Faith

Kennard, Douglas

Douglas Kennard on 2 Peter 2:1

Douglas Kennard on the Non Pecuniary Nature of Petrine Redemption

Kennedy, Kevin D.

Kevin D. Kennedy on Calvin on 1 John 2:2

Kevin D. Kennedy Calvin and Heshusius

Kimedoncius, Jacob (d. 1596)

Jacob Kimedoncius on the Death of Christ: Unlimited Expiation and Redemption

Jacob Kimedoncius on General Love

Jacob Kimedoncius on Musculus: All Men Conditionally Appointed to Life

Jacob Kimedoncius on the Efficacy of Baptism

Kistemaker, Simon

Simon Kistemaker on 2 Peter 3:9

Knox, Broughton (1916-1994)

Broughton Knox on “Limited Atonement”

Knox, John (1510-1572)

John Knox on General Love

John Knox on Common Mercies and Common Graces

Köstenberger, Andreas J.

Andreas J. Köstenberger on John 3:14-18

Lane, Tony

Tony Lane on John Calvin and the Work of Trinity in Redemption

à Lasco, John (1499-1560)

John à Lasco on the Death of Christ in his Compendium of Doctrine

Latimer, High (1487-1555)

Hugh Latimer on the Death of Christ

Hugh Latimer, English Reformer and Martyr on God’s Will for the Salvation of All Men, With Informal Reference to 1 Timothy 2:4

Hugh Latimer English Reformer and Martyr on the Father and the Son in the Work of Redemption

Lawrence, A.E.

A.E. Lawrence on Leonard Woods on the Distinction Between Atonement and Redemption

Leigh, Edward (1602-1671)

Edward Leigh on the Will of God

Edward Leigh on the Goodness of God

Edward Leigh on General Love

Edward Leigh on God’s Grace

Edward Leigh on Reprobation

Edward Leigh on God’s Governance of Sin

Edward Leigh: “Christ Died for the Reprobate Five Ways”

Edward Leigh on God’s Conditional Revealed Will

Edward Leigh on Matthew 23:37

Edward Leigh on Ephesians 2:3

Leo the Great (400-461)

Pope Leo the Great on the Death of Christ

Letham, Robert

Robert Letham on 2 Peter 3:9 in Response to John Owen on the Same

Robert Letham on Dort: Finding the Middle Ground

Robert Letham on the English Hypothetical Universalists at the Westminster Assembly

Robert Letham on Hypothetical Universalism and the Westminster Confession

Lever, Thomas (1521–1577)

Thomas Lever on Redeemed Souls Perishing

Thomas Lever on the Earnest Call and the Death of Christ

Thomas Lever on Hebrews 10:29: An Informal Reference

Lincoln, Andrew

Andrew Lincoln on Ephesians 2:3

Lombard, Peter (1100-1160)

Peter Lombard on the Death of Christ: Christ died for all sufficiently, for the elect efficiently

Lorimer, William (1640–1722)

William Lorimer (1640–1722) Calvin on the Extent of the Atonement

Luther, Martin (1483–1546)

Martin Luther on John 1:29 (unedited and complete)

Martin Luther on the Death of Christ

Martin Luther on General Love

Martin Luther on Ezekiel 18:23 and 32

Martin Luther on Matthew 23:37

Martin Luther on John 1:29

Martin Luther on John 3:14-18

Martin Luther on 1 Timothy 2:4-6

Martin Luther on 2 Peter 2:1

Martin Luther on 1 John 2:2

Lyford, William (1598-1653)

William Lyford on the Sufficiency of Christ’s Death