Edward Leigh (1602-1671) on Matthew 23:37

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Vers. 37. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you kill the Prophets, and stones them which are sent unto you]

As if Christ should have said, you which should have been a faithful keeper of the word of God, the Mysteries of heavenly wisdom, the light of the world, the fountain of true doctrine, the seat of the worship of God, an example of faith and obedience, are become a murderer of the Prophets, so that now you have gotten a certain habit in sucking their blood. Christ’s purpose was for to meet with the offence which was at hand, lest the faithful when they should see him slain at Jerusalem without a cause, should be troubled at the strangeness of such a sight.

How oft would I]

It is rather a word of disdain than of compassion. Calvin. See Deut. 32:11. Isa. 65.2. He describes not here the secret counsel of God, but that which is learned by the word.1

Christ speaks not of the will of his good pleasure, for that cannot be resisted, but of his signified will in the Ministry of the Prophets, and of himself as he was a Prophet and Minister of the Circumcision unto the Jews, for so he might will their conversion and yet they will it not.  Perkins.

And you would not]

This may be referred to the whole Nation as well as to the Scribes, yet rather to them by whom that gathering together was most hindered, for Christ inveighs against them in the whole course of his speech, as though he spoke to Jerusalem in the singular number as he alters it now.

Edward Leigh, Annotations Upon All the New Testament, (London: Printed by W.W. and EG. for William Lee, and are to be sold at his shop at the Turks-head in Fleet Street next to the Miter and Phœnix, 1650), 63. [Some reformatting; some spelling modernized; Latin marginal reference cited as a footnote; and underlining mine.]


1Gallina) Vox græca communis est ad avein & galinam, & miris quidem inest avibus omnibus amor sovendi tuendique pullos, sed galline præsertim. Brugensis.

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