Amandus Polanus (1561-1610) on Divine Hatred

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The hatred of God, is either the withholding or denying of his goodwill, or reprobation itself, or his decree not to choose to everlasting life. Malac 1:2,3. Rom. 9:13. And the cause of this divine hatred, is only God, and that is his own good pleasure.

Or else it is his displeasure, detestation, abomination, or turning away. Isa. 1:14. My soul hates your new moons, and set feasts. But the cause of this hatred is in men themselves.

Or else it is the execution of the decree of God, to punish and to destroy the wicked, Psal. 5:6. Thou hates all them that work iniquity: that is, thou doth punish and destroy the ungodly, as they was want both to punish and destroy them. And the cause of this hatred also, is even in men themselves.

Amandus Polanus, The Substance of Christian Religion, (London: Arn. Hatfield, 1600), pp., 34-35.

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