“if one died for all therefore all were dead”

Certainly none no-one has great love, which gives its life for its friends. Truly, Christ died not for his friends only, but also [his] enemies, nor for certain people only, but for all people. This is the immeasurable greatness of divine love…

To be sure, we understand not that Christ died for all so that its efficacy reaches commonly to all [people]. Accordingly, it [Christ’s death] is not received by reprobates, unbelievers, and impenitents, although in itself it is sufficient for redeeming the whole human race. Salvation is proposed, which from it, is for all and sufficient for all, and presently may be received by all, “God loved the whole world that he gave his only begotten son, that all who believe in him, may not perish, but have eternal life” John 3. Thus he died for all (because all were dead) that all who believe in him might be brought back to life and be saved.

Wolfgang Musculus, In ambas apostoli Pauli ad Corinthios epistolas commentarii. (Basel: Per Haeredes Ioannis Hervagii, 1566), 174 and 175.

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