Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575) on Ephesians 2:3

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Paul in his second chapter to the Ephesians saith: “We were by nature the sons of wrath, even as others.” In which words he pronounces that all men are damned. For all those that are damned, are worthy of eternal death, and all such with whom God hath good cause to be offended, he calls the sons of wrath, after the proper phrase of the Hebrew speech. For the wrath of God doth signify the punishment which is by the just judgment of God laid upon us men. And he is called the child of death, which is adjudged or appointed to be killed. So also is the son of perdition, &c. Now mark, that he calls us all the sons of wrath, that is, the subjects of pain and damnation, even by nature, in birth, from our mother’s womb. But whatsoever is naturally in all men, that is original: therefore original sin makes us th sons of wrath; that is, we are all from our original corruption made subject to death and utter damnation. This place of Paul for the proof of this argument is worthy to be remembered.

Bullinger, Decades, 3rd Decade, Sermon 10, p., 396. [Some spelling modernized and underlining mine.]

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