John Mayer on 2 Peter 2:1

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Touching that saying, “Denying the Lord that bought them;” none are properly said to be bought by the Lord, but the elect; yet in a large sense, all to whom the Gospel comes are said to be bought by him, yea all men, because they price he paid is sufficient to ransom all; neither is it by any defect therein that any perish, but through their own wickedness and unbelief.

John Mayer, A Commentary upon the New Testament: Representing the Divers Expositions thereof, out of the works of the most learned, both ancient Fathers and modern Writers, and hereby sifting out of the true sense of every passage, for the benefit of all that desire to read with understanding, The third Volume, (London: Printed by Iohn Haviland, for Iohn Gismond, and are to be sold at his shop in Ivie Lane, at the sign of the Gun, 1631), 146.

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