Archibald Symson on 2 Peter 2:1

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Concerning the 2, The study where about those teachers were to employ themselves: who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, or, (according unto the Original) deadly heresies, even denying the Lord that hath bought them. In which words, we may both perceive the properties of false teachers, and the Nature of their Doctrine. Their properties; diligence, and 2, subtlety in broaching their errors; diligence in that they bring them in, even into the Church of God, to which formerly where were unknown; subtlety in that they do privily bring them in. The nature of their Doctrine; being both dangerous: as being a damnable or deadly doctrine, and heretical doctrine, a doctrine contrary to the will of God, revealed in his Word, impious, the Authors thereof denying the Lord that bought them, Christ Jesus, by whom they were redeemed; which words are not to be understood absolutely, as if they had been indeed redeemed by Christ, or Christ had effectually died for them, for then one of these we absolutely would follow, that either the elect may totally and finally fall away, or, that Christ died for reprobates, both of which are false, but they are to be understood, either according to the judgment of those false teachers, who, no doubt thought and affirmed that they were redeemed by thinking that they were the children of God, or according to the rule of Charity, which should be in everyone of us, even to esteeming every particular person to be redeemed by Christ, which embraces and profess the Christian faith, in whom we do not see absolute signs, and evident marks, that he has sinned that sin which is to death; because although for present they may walk otherwise than becomes the Gospel: yet we know now how soon God, which has the hearts of all men in his hand, will turn their hearts: the condition of God’s children before their conversion being the same with the wicked, all of us, being by nature, the children of wrath, or finally in regard that in a large sense, all to whom the Gospel comes may be said to be bought by him; yea all men because the price by him paid, is sufficient to ransom all; neither is it by any default therein, any perish, but through their own wickedness and unbelief…

Touching false teachers do sin in divers particulars manifest their denial of Christ. 1. By broaching abroad doctrines contrary to the Doctrine of the Christ. 2. By withstanding the means of that power of Christ, whereby he would sanctify their hearts unto obedience. The merit of his redemption is welcome to them, but they will not do with its efficacy, which sanctifies and renews the inward man, subduing sin, and quickening the life of God in them…

He is Lord, let us not with false Teachers, deny him obedience. He is a perfect Mediator between God and Man, let us not with false Teachers, ascribe unto any other means, as to Angels, Saints, merits and the like. This glorious honour which is his due; he is his God and Man in one person, Let us not with false Teachers, gain-say the same; he is the object of our faith, let us not deny him by continuing in infidelity what though others deny him, as too too many do; we must not follow their example. Oh let us not deny him any manner of as we have already done too too many times. Hast thou made a show of piety and goodness, but in hypocrisy? Has thou lived scandalously, notwithstanding of all thy profession to the contrary? Does thou now yield obedience unto the will of God? Does thou not daily grow in grace? Thou art a denier of Christ, repent therefore, be the servant of Christ, not of custom, but of conscience, deny not him, lest he deny you; deny not him who has been kind unto you, who has redeemed you by his own precious blood: oh bewail and lament the general apostasy and back-sliding in these our days…

A. Symson, An Exposition upon the Second Epistle General of Saint Peter: Plainly and Pithily Handled, (London: T. Cotes, 1632), pp., 233-234, 242, and 243.


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