Jacob Kimedoncius (d. 1596) on Ezekiel 18:32

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I will not
the death of
a Sinner

Some understand the place of the Prophet Ezekiel of that death of the soul, as Fulgentius: others refer it to the punishment of sin, using the distinction of the will of God, hidden and revealed.  So Luther de ser, arbit. cap. 109. ‘He will not the death of a sinner, to wit, by his word, while his word of salvation he comes to all, and so he will have all men to be saved. But he wills the same by his unsearchable will, “Which will” (says he in the same book chap. 107) “is not to be searched into, but with reverence to be adored, as the highest secret of God’s majesty.” Again, “He will not the death of him that dies simply, and as it brings destruction, but as it is punishment: for the Lord delights not in he perdition of the thing, as it is, “But he is the punisher of sinners,” [Wisd. 1.13.].

Iacob Kimedoncius, Of The Redemption of Mankind (London: Imprinted by Felix Kingston for Hvmfrey Lownes, 1598), 335.    [Some reformatting; some spelling modernized; marginal comments cited inline.]

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