Zwingli on God’s New Covenant with the Human Race

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And the reason why he made the promise was none other than because of blessedness could not come to us, however much we toiled and sweated, while the fall of the first parent had not been atoned for. But when Christ, slain for us, appeased the divine justice and become the only approach to God, God entered into a new covenant with the human race, not new in the sense that he had only just discovered this remedy, but because he applied it at the right moment, having prepared it long before.

Exposition and Basis of the Conclusions or Articles Published by Huldrych Zwingli,  (PA: Pickwick Publications, 1984)  2:224.

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This is a most excellent quote…:)

I love the implied necessary connection here between the incarnation and a universal expiation. That in Christ the whole human race finds representation, so that because Christ took to himself the nature of Adam and therefore all his posterity, at this point, prior to the application of the benefit, we cannot properly make a distinction between elect and non-elect objectively.

August 22nd, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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