Robert Rollock (1555-1599) on 1 Timothy 2:4

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God wills all men to be saved. 1 Tim. 2:4. He wills, I say, salvation even of the reprobate, because salvation of the creature in itself is a good thing: it is true, he does not decree it, it is true, he decrees the death and destruction of them [the reprobate]. This will is a certain willing and approving simply, it is true even a certain decreeing. […] for there is either an effective decreeing, or a permissive decreeing.

Deus vult omnes homines salvos fieri. I. Tim. 2.4. vult, inquam, salutem etiam reproborum, quia salus creaturae in se res bona est: verùm non decernit eam, imò verò decernit mortem ac perniciem eorum. […] Estque voluntas quaedam verò etiam decernens. […] est enim vel decernens effective, vel decernens permissive.

Rollock, “Analysis Dialectica” […] in Pauli Apostoli Epistolam ad Romanos 8:19-39, p. 140.

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