de l’ Espine:

Having shown by all the chapters and discourses going before, that the Apostates are without God, without Mediator, without law, without faith, without sacraments, it does follow thereof immediately, that they are also without the Church. For, as there is but one God, one creator and redeemer of the world [1 Tim. 2:5.]: so there is but one people which he has chosen and set apart and reserve them for himself, to sanctify them [Psal. 74:2.] and make then an everlasting covenant with them, to rule and govern them by his word and Spirit, and to defend them from all their enemies, even from death [Hos. 2:19.]: of whom he will also be particularly known, and called upon, served and worshiped in spirit and truth [John 4:24.].

M. Iohn de l’ Espine, An Excellent and Learned Treatise of Apostasie (Imprinted at London by Thomas Vautrollier dwelling in the Black-friers near Ludgate, 1587)  186b-187a. [Marginal references cited inline; some spelling modernized; pagination irregular; and underlining mine.]

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