That God loves all mankind I make no doubt, and all the works of his hands, as such considered, fallen angels themselves not excepted; but the question is, whether he loves them all alike; and whether the exercise of punitive justice be inconsistent with universal goodness?  It is going p at lengths, for a weak  worm to take him to insist that divine goodness must be exercised in such a particular instance, or it can have no existence at all. I dare not say, there is no love, no goodness, in all the providences of God towards mankind, nor yet in his giving them the means of grace and the invitations of the gospel, though he does not do all for them which be could do, to incline them to embrace them, and has neither purposed nor provided for such an end. on the contrary, I believe these things, in themselves considered, to be instances of divine goodness, whatever the issue of them may be through men’s depravity.

 Andrew Fuller, “A Reply to the Observations of Philanthropos,” in The Works of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, in Eight Volumes, (Philadelphia: Printed by Anderson and Meehan, for William Collier, 1820), 1:303-4.

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