A.E. on Faith as Assurance

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M[aster]. Give me hen out of what thou has hitherto said, a definition of that same lively and true Christian faith?

S[tudent]. Faith is an assured knowledge of the Fatherly goodwill of God towards us through Christ, and an affiance in the same goodness, as it is witnessed in the gospel, which faith hath coupled with it an endeavour of godly li[f]e, that is, to obey the Will of God the Father.

A.E. The Watch-Mans Lanthorn, Being a Summ of Divinity. In a short very plaine Exposition of the Ten Commandments, the Lords Prayer, and the Creed (Printed for T.R. for Nath. Ekins, at the Sign of the Gun in Pauls Church-Yard, 1655), 60. [Marginal Scripture references not included.]

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