Andrew Willet on 2 Peter 2:1 by way of Jude 4

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And deny God the only Lord, and our Lord Jesus Christ]

These words thus translated seem to speak of two persons, of God the Father, and God the Son: but indeed the whole sentence is to be understood of Christ, who is called God, and despotes, master, and Kurios, Lord: so that Lord here in the first place should be translated master: for Christ is God, in respect of his Godhead with his Father: he is our master, because he has bought us, 2 Peter 2:1, he is our Lord, because by him all things are preserved, 1 Cor. 8:6, Heb. 1:3, so that he is God as our creature, Lord as our preserver, and master as our redeemer.

Andrew Willet, A Catholicon, that is, A general preservative or remedie against Pseudocatholike religion gathered out of the Catholike epistle of S. IVDE, (Printed by Iohn Legat, Printer to the University of Cambridge, and are to be sold at the sign of the Crowne in Pauls Churchyard by Simon Waterton, 1602), 23.   [Some spelling modernized, underlining mine.]

[Note: Willet here reflects the Christological reading of 2 Peter 2:1 and Jude 4 which was the more general and received exegetical position in early Reformed theology.]

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