Christ certainly has not redeemed all; for then having satisfied offended justice, what should hinder their salvation? Application? “He that freely grave his Son, how shall he not freely give us all things,” even application?–You will say, all fell, therefore, Christ must redeem all; nay, rather as all fell, so all by Christ shall be quickened by resurrection. Christ paid, indeed, a sufficiency price for the world, but not efficient: he redeemed the elect only; now all are not ordained or elected to life, for then all would have been prayed for, John 17:9, and all would believe, “for as many as were ordained to eternal life believed,” Acts 13:48. But we see few believe and persevere to the end; yet all Christ’s do and shall believe; increase of them is daily seen; every lost groat1 shall be found; nothing can hinder, they (when built) are built upon a sure foundation, “Christ the rock; the gates of hell,” that is, hell’s strength and policy shall not prevail against them. “No weapon formed against them shall prosper,” Isa. 54, ver. ult. “Christ’s the builder, the Word and Spirit,” the means which cannot fail. If God send his word, great shall be the company of them hat praise him, even in this sense–the building as it shall go forward, so it will last, since the foundation Christ cannot shrink. Christ assures us his blood was shed (not for all) “but for many for the remission of sins,” those who loves, those he will continue “to love to the end,” according to the text, “whom he loves, he loves to the end.”

Hezekiah Holland, A Christian Looking-Glasse: Or a Glimps of Christ’s Unchangably Everlasting Love (London: Printed by T.R. & E.M. for George Calvert, at the Half-moon in Watling-street, neer Pauls stump, 1649), 13-15. [Some spelling modernized; marginal comments not included; footnote mine; and underlining mine.]


1[An English silver coin worth four pence, used from the 14th to the 17th century.]

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