Of knowledge.

And so much of calling and gather of the Churches.

The common graces are Gifts or a taste of the sweetness1 of Christ

Gifts are knowledge or faculties.

Knowledge is the understanding of the word of God [1. Tim. 3:15.] necessary in some measure for every professor [John 1:18.].

[Henry Finch], The Sacred Doctrine of Divinitie, Gathered out of the Word of God, and Comprehended in two volumes (London: Imprinted at London by Felix Kynston, 1613), book 2, page 16. [Some spelling modernized; marginal reference cited inline; underlining mine; and footnote mine.]

[Bibliographic notation from Worldcat: By Sir Henry Finch./ Sometimes erroneously attributed to Dudley Fenner, who the preface of the first edition (STC 10872.5), dated 1 Jan. 1589, mentions as having died three years previously./ Another edition of the Doctrine only of STC 10872.5 revised and enlarged./ The second volume spoken of in the title is STC 7148–STC./ Most copies are anonymous; British Library copy retains [par.]2, conjugate with with [par.]3, with dedication by Finch to Thomas [Egerton] Lord Ellsmere.]


1The text here is heavily obscured and so this is my best estimation of the correct word.

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