Secondly, when I say I rest upon the creator of heaven and earth: it yields unto my heart a special comfort thus: God will assuredly keep me in all dangers, for like as no man is so tender over any work as he has made it, for he cannot abide to see it in any way abused. So God being a faithful creator tenderly loves all his creatures. And if the work of any way happen to miscarry he will turn it every way to frame it again to his will, as the potter, but if no means can prevail he dashes it all in pieces [Job 10:3.].

Henry Holland, The History of Adam, or the Foure-Fold State of Man (Printed for T.E. for Thomas Man, Dwelling in Paternoster-Row at the sign of the Talbort, 1602), 128b-129a. [Some spelling modernized; marginal reference cited inline; and underlining mine.]

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