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Pierre Viret (1511-1571) on God’s Love to the World

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Of man, and of creation and of fall of him by sin. Chap. 9.

As for man, the Christian says holds, that he was created to the image of God, in the estate of innocency, truth, and justice: and that he being fallen from that estate, by his own sin, and through his own fault, following the counsel of the devil, he has yielded himself in such sort slave of sin, by the which he has deserved eternal death and damnation, by the just judgement of God, that he can not of himself but sin, and daily to provoke more and more the wrath and curse of God upon him.

Of the redemption and restoring of man, and of the only mediator Jesus Christ. Chap. 10

Therefore, God his creator having pity on him, has loved the world, that he has given his only son Jesus Christ, for mediator, patron, advocate, and intercessor between him and man, to reconcile them to him, even when they were his enemies. Wherefore it follows, that he has done this, not having regard to any deserving of man, who neither had nor could deserve but only eternal death, but has only regarded his own goodness and mercy. Wherefore as there is but one only God, creator, governor & conserver of all things, nor any other saviour than he, nor in whom man may trust, nor worship, nor invocate: no more is there likewise but one only mediator Jesus Christ, by whom man may have access to God, and find favour in his sight and recover that which through his own fault has lost.

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Peter Veret, A Christian Instruction, conteyning the law and the gospel. Also a Summarie of the Principall poyntes of the Christian fayth and Religion, and of the abuses and errors contrary to the same, translated by I.S. (Imprinted at London by Abraham Veale, dwelling in Paules churchyard at the signe of the Lambe, 1573), 10-11. [Verses as cited from marginal reference.]

From Muller:

Pierre Viret: “…studied in Paris but renounced his training and joined William Farel in the Swiss reform (1531). He taught at Bern (1537) and served as preacher in Geneva, Lausanne and Lyons. His systematic works include: Exposition familiere sur le Symbole des Apostres (1560); Exposition de la doctrine de la foy chrestienne 1564; and Instruction chrestienne en la doctrine de la loy et de l’Evangile (1525) Richard Muller, Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, 1:41 (1st edition).

Viret also worked with Calvin and Beza in Geneva.

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