Academic Papers and Essays

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Academic Papers and Essays

    Note Bene: 1) The some aspects of these papers no longer reflect my more mature understanding in certain areas. 2) These papers are not necessarily formatted according to the latest citation standards. 3) Some of these papers are written in a conversational style which can be terribly annoying to some readers. 4) These papers should be seen as seminal research attempts and so do not pretend to be exhaustive or definitive, or that the subject is now closed or in need of no further revision. 6) I am grateful to those seminary professors who allowed me to explore my interests in these areas. I am even grateful to those professors who became upset with the direction of some of my ideas.

    Divine Permission of Sin

    GOD, Sin, and Gordon Clark

    Classic-Moderate Calvinism

    Limited Atonement, the Free Offer of the Gospel and the Westminster Standards

    Saving Thomas Boston

    A Brief History of Deviant Calvinism

    Framework Hypothesis

    The Framework Hypothesis


    The Place and Time of Justification in the Ordo Salutis of John L. Girardeau

    Moderate Fideism and Apologetics

    Faith and Reason in Classical Apologetics

    When Faith is Not Enough

    Calvin, Scleiermacher, and Barth on the Doctrine of Scripture

    Calvin, Barth, Scleiermarcher on the Doctrine of Scripture

    Psalms in Biblical Worship

    Psalms in Biblical Worship


    In Pursuit of the Good Society

    Resurrection and the Moral Order


    Sabbath and Synagogue


    Supralapsarianism and the Free Offer of the Gospel

    Honours Thesis (University of Queensland, Australia)

    Zion’s Travail, Freedom of Religion in Presbyterian, Independent and Leveller Thought in the 1640s

    Published Articles

    John Calvin on the Death of Christ and The Reformation’s Forgotten Doctrine of Universal Vicarious Satisfaction