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It depends. Hypers hate him. Free Offer Calvinists of the Banner of Truth variety love him. He sought to combine high calvinist categories with the free offer. He did this in response to the killing effects of emerging Scottish hypercalvinism which was evolving from Protestant Scholasticism, specifically folk like James Hadow.

A good work on this is David C. Lachman, The Marrow Controversy, 1718-1723: An Historical and Theological Analysis (Edinburgh, Rutherford House Books, 1988). We now know tho that lachman was wrong, along with Boston, on Preston’s “Christ is dead for you” phrase, that it actually meant “Christ died for you.” See on this the new book on Preston by Jonathan Moore, and an earlier article: Moore, J.D. “Calvin Versus The Calvinists? The Case of John Preston (1587-1628),” Reformation & Renaissance Review 6 (2004) 327-348.

By: Seth McBee Tue, 26 Feb 2008 16:38:29 +0000 David…how is it?


How does the Reformed Community see Boston? As I was once pointed out by someone when I was quoting Baxter…many reformed don’t look highly on his works of God’s love and death of His Son.

Is Boston different?